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Alter, Elisa

Anderson, David 
Barnes, Alice

Basye, George 
Beckstrand, Eva

Bilyeu, Edward 
Bishop, Keith 
Blackner, Florence

Benavidez, Connie 

Bloodgood, Shirley 

Bone, Carolyn

Bonson, Norman 
Bowden, Pat

Branson, Don 
Bryson, Carol 
Brewer, Jackie

Butcher, Phil 
Callard, Don 
Carpadakis, Olga

Casteel, Charles 

Claypool, Ken

Cole, Ruth

Cole, Shirley

Coleman, Rex

Cooper, Jan 
Craiger, Jean

Craiger, Joan
Cox, Connie Mae 

Curry, Richard 

Davee, Pat
Davis, Howard

Doren, Mary 
Edmonson, Betty 
Elmore, Stanley

Field, Pat 
Flick, Mel 
Foisiy, Margaret

Gilliland, Richard

Gonzales, Mercie

Graham, Sylvia 
Green, Alma 
Green, Bonnie 
Grow, Gloria

Gutierrez, Joe

Halbert, Joel 
Hall, Beverly
Hanson, Charles

Harger, Donald
Ollie, Harris
Hines, Janet
Hudson, Jay

Huff, Barry
Hull, Nina

Isenmann, Gary
Jason, Shirley
Jennings, Bill

Johnson, Loree
Kennedy, Norie
Krause, Larry

Lane, Elizabeth
Lawson, Thelma
Larceval, Art

Letzring, Forrest
Likins, Helen

Lohre, Stanley
Loos, Diane

Loudenslager, Bob


Sandpaper to Mr. Fierro to make it rough for the new seniors.
My iron stomach to Hank Sutton. 
My crutches to Claudia because she can't even stand on her own two.
MY ROTC. rifle to Robert Reese. 
My beat-up painting pallet to Bob Schwend.
To Inez Bailey, my twenty pounds. My orange shoes to Allen Wrenn. 
To the chemistry lab, everything I didn't break.
Our gab sessions in the library to the new librarians.
To Annetta, my "How to Eat and Stay Slim" book.
Good brakes to anyone crazy enough to drive to school down Mission Valley Freeway.
The new Kearny to the juniors.
My ability to get to class on time to my brother Charles.
My Geometry book to Judy Swand. My blue eyes to Gloria Ponse.
The Tamale Factory and all its tacos to someone who wants it.
My crazy gym suit to Gilbert.
My center-field to "Tuck."
My ability not to tell jokes to the girls in second lunch.
To Bob Gordon, all my broken pencils.
My third period in the library to Miss Piesinger.
A gold mine to Helen Scheid and Dot Kile.
The fun we had on the trip to U.S.C. to those fortunate enough to go next year.
My "39" Ford to anyone who will have it.
My library passes in French to Bob. My ability to get oil paint on me to Donna McAnich.
My ability to get out of class to Donna.
My duplication class to my sister Zadle.
The fun I had in the patio to Bud,
Jim, Jerry and Shrievey.
My pom-pons to Shirley.
My seat at Thrifty's to anybody who wants it.
All my troubles to Roma.
To my sister, my fine legs.
My ability to get out of class to Jones and Schwend.
My red hair to anyone.
My very mild temper to Sharon.
My excuses for getting out of class, to Dale Jones.
Myself, to the Charles Atlas, so he can pick up a few pointers on weight control.
Laughs in Mrs. Dresser's class to Chell and Angie.
To Mr. Clark, a dude ranch.
My driving ability (?) to anybody. 
All the argyles Clara made, to Meg. My ability to run in an emergency to Shirley Jason.
My ability to keep out of trouble to Mary Doren.
The food at joint meetings to Gleason.
A green Ford to Pat and Dixie.
Joint meeting numbers to Zeak Williams.
All my C's and D's to the juniors.
My weight to Rosa.
My chair at assemblies to Jackie.
My ability to get No. 1 on my admit card to Joel Halbert.
All my chipmuncks to Dick.
A year's supply of Ry-crisp and slim milk to Annetta.
My mechanical ability to Mr. Pyke.
My ten extra pounds to Annetta.
My seat at Thrifty's to Chief Sitting Bull.
My ability to paint, to Barbara and Bonnie.
The girls who went to our meetings to Perry.
To Kathy, my place in lunch-line.
My ability to drive, to Roger.
All my KHS loaners to Hank Sesma and Casper.
My tennis shoes to Larry Griffin.
My ability to eat without getting fat, to Shirley.
Torchy to Rolf.
My " quit chuckle" to anyone who can control it.
My dark glasses to any junior.


Mankins, Sammy

Maus, Jo Ann
McCarthy, Patty

McCormick, Virginia McCray, Jim

MeDavitt, Dianne 

McLaughlin, Rita 

McLeod, Alfred 
McMillan, Steve 
Meals, Bob
Mejia, Fermin
Michel, Ronny 
Millburn, Eugene 
Miller, Curtis

Milligan, Doris

Mohr, Ann

Moore, Richard
Moore, Stan
Mora, Pauline 

Munger, Steve

Newlin, Carol

Offutt, Shirley 

Parrish, Jack

Peck, Minnie

Ponse, Gloria

Ramsey, Ferrel 

Reasoner, Neil 

Reierson, Don

Reynolds, Mary
Rice, Earlene 

Robinson, Ken

Robley, Robert
Russell, Bob

Ryland, Sheldon 

Schumacher, Ken
Schwend, Fred

Scott, Art

Sejkora, Marilu 

Sesma, Henry

Shaw, Sol
Shepard, Joan Sherkenback, Jerry Sneed, Jack

Stark, Marjorie

Stolzoff, Gordon Stradley, Nancy

Sullivan, Roma 
Taylor, Leon
Thach, Claudia

Townsend, Joyce

Tulloch, Bob
Tweed Annetta

Wakefield, Darlene

Webb, Ann

Webster, Don

Werts, Jack
Whitney, Lou

Wood, Florence

Wood, Kirby
Wrenn, Allen

Wright, Clarence
Young, Bill

Younker, Bob


Senior expenses to Bill Garet and Pat Smith.
My senior attitude to the juniors. My seat in Girls' Glee Club to Pat Herrera.
My eating ability to the senior girls. 
My night at the football carnival to Fred.
My real blonde hair to all the fakes. 
Peroxide to Dave and Bob Schwend. 
The chemical stench to Mr. Kelley. 
The front seat of the Stude to Mich, 
My crazy hair to Kirby Wood.
My lunch to Gibby and Rosa.
The back seat of my car to Steve. The Siskyous to Bill Young.
My Ford's speed to Tex Younker's new Chevy.
My seat in Senior Problems to Chill Owens.
The fun I had in Mr. Wemple's class to the lucky juniors.
All my hair to Barry Huff.
To take it all with me.
My dramatic ability to someone who can flirt.
My boots and ranch in Texas to Bodie.
My ability to jump on the pogo stick to all juniors.
The 12th grade to all the crazy cats.
My hula skirt to a pulchritudinous dean.
My ability to play badminton to Shirley Sprinkle.
To Nervous Jack, all my savoir- faire.
My ability to knit socks to Mar- garet.
My excess tissue to Leneva Tiedeman.
My ability to drink milk to some friends who need a better diet.
To Joan Reynolds, my note book. My seat in Math to Carolyn Nelrose and Miriam.
My desk in Sr. Problems to some genius.
My Ford to any junior.
My seat in Bob Meal's green lizard to anyone strong enough to push it. 
My ability to keep the bowling ball on the alley to Novie.
My speed to Kirby Wood.
My ruler to some guy who is not well off.
To Ray Birney and Chambers, three new triumphs.
My ability to get out of school to Rony.
My class. I-A draft card to any junior.
All my energy to Eugene.
My brown eyes to Sam
My ability to drive a car to Shirley. My seat in senior problems to Bronson.
My heap to Barbara L., Bonnie A., Billy J.
I leave my beard to Jack Wertz. My kicks in my senior year to everyone.
My ability to be absent, to Rita. 
My dramatic ability to Pauline.
My car to anybody who has money enough to run it.
My hard-earned "Kress" money to Gene Milburn.
My car to Fleming.
My ability as a majorette to Mickie Wood.
What's left of little Egypt to anyone who cares.
The patio to the juniors who won't have one next year.
My coffee break to Larry Hayes and Bill Dexter.
My batting average to Romero.
My gym shoes to
Charlie Spirz, and half-burned Hoover banner to Darell Musick
My seat  in Mr. Wemple's room to Betty and Jean.
My blond hair to Gene Shaw.
My broken drum sticks to anyone who will need firewood at the beach parties.
All of my case-cards to the juniors.
My old Siskiyou boots to Don Bennett.
My ability to get out of class to Wesley Blackner.



   Last week the Board of Education appointed Mrs. Laura L. Hardenbrook as dean of girls at Montgomery Junior High School.  The P.T.A. mothers held a tea Thursday, June 4, at Kearny High School at which she was introduced to the incoming seventh grade parents.
   After graduating from San Diego High School, Mrs. Hardenbrook attended Occidental  College for two years and then finished her studies for a A.B. degree at the University of California. She received her Master of Arts Degree at the University of Southern California.
   The girls dean joined the San Diego System in 1935. She has worked as a secretary, a teacher and also as a counselor with the City Schools Guidance Bureau.
   John Ford, also from the Guidance Bureau, is going to be the Boys' vice principal at the new Kearny High School.



   Heard lately on Hunter Hacocks' program was that fine rendition of "Where Ya At" by Lloyd Price.   Also  "Sabre Jet" by Joe Houston. This week there has been quite a lot of new discs out among them are "I'm Mad',' by Willie Mabon and "Seven Lonely Days" by the Crickets, and the Gabateers rendition of "You've Got Something I Want."
   And now for the nationwide songs which we think. are among the top ranking. One that we think is going to reach the top Is Joni James' rendition of "Is It Any Wonder.  Another one that has been heard lately is "I Believe" by Frankie Laine or Jane Froman, and "My Lean Baby" done by Frank Sinatra.

C.S.F. Ditch Day

   On Monday, June 8, the California Scholarship Federation had their second semester Ditch Day. The Ditch Day took place at La Jolla Cove and lasted from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
   The C. S.'s enjoyed swimming and dozing in the sun along with playing several games.

Ragsdale Is Prexy

The Junior High Girls' League had an election recently.  Elected officers were:  Mykinda Ragsdale, president; Kathleen Canovan, vice president; Sandra Moody, secretary and Mary Annis, treasurer.
   These officers will take offiice at the beginning of the next school year.



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