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Prom Memories

My fondest memory of our prom was Doris Biggs.  She was in the class of '54 and lived next to my great grandmother, and I saw her quit often throughout my high school years.  She lived with her mother, and they had moved to San Diego from Texarkana, TX when she was in Junior High.  I am glad that I took her to the Senior Prom, and we had a great time. 

I remember that we had a hypnotist that actually put a bunch of our classmates under.  I remember that he had asked one of our classmates to sing "Cry" by Johnnie Ray, which he did.  He even cried.  When he came out of being hypnotized he said he didn't know the words to Cry.  The guy even hypnotized Sylvia Graham who was sitting in the audience while he hypnotized the group on stage.  When he brought Sylvia out of her trance, he said a certain word and she cackled like a chicken.

I got to drive my dad's new Mercury to the prom, and he even washed it for me.  A bunch of us went out afterwards for something to eat, and reminisce about the evening. I don't know what time we got home that night (morning), but it was starting to get light.

What a wonderful time we had.  Oh, to live those days over.....well most of them anyway.

Check out those argyle socks.




Prom Memories

While I didn't attend Kearny High School in my senior year, I still feel that I am a graduate of Kearny since I grew up with all of my Kearny classmates.  I very reluctantly transferred to Hoover during  my Sophomore year, and did attend the Hoover Senior Prom with my long-term boy friend Gene Killinger. I met Gene in my Sophomore English class at Hoover.  We were engaged by our senior year and married four months after the prom.  Our marriage lasted 17 years and resulted in three children.  

The prom was a big deal for me. This picture was taken on June 12, 1953, at Gene's home in the College Avenue area just before his dad and mom turned over the keys to their nice almost-new 1951 Ford for our evening. The prom was held at the Balboa Park Club and we had a great time. Actually, we never missed many  school dances -- many were off campus in ballrooms and often dressy, so the prom wasn't the first dressy event for us.

The only other memory I have of the prom was about my dress.  My family (parents, five children, plus a grandfather) never had much money, and I often made many of my own clothes (or altered) from babysitting jobs.  The dress I wore cost something like only $14. It was plain. I added the net over-skirt and netting at the bodice, and I was all "set to go."

At our wedding, four months later, Norie Kennedy my old Kearny HS best friend, and my other girlfriends (from Hoover High), each wore their strapless pastel 1953 prom dresses.  We needed only to make little sheer matching shoulder capes.  Click here to view photo.


  Prom Memories

My prom, crew cut and a Sear's suit with Caril Newlin.

We didn't want to make a fashion statement, just to have fun and we did.


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