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Class of '53 Zoo's Who

The classmates included on this page, are individual's who seemed to stand out in a crowd because of their involvement, contribution, or just plain charisma (not necessarily in that order).


Soothing Qualities were apparent in Florence Blackner's personality.  Our blonde with brains not only was a life member of the CSF, but held down a part-time job.  She lent a bit of sunshine wherever she went.  "Smilin' Jack" had nothing on her.

Top man on Kearny's totem pole, was Charles Hanson, our A.S.B. President.  This fabulous character headed our executive department, and was a member of CSF.  Whenever you were at Kearny, you heard the cry, "Here comes Charlie."
Jackie Brewer, the sense of humor attached to a girl, was worthy of a zoo's Who listing.  Name a club, and you'll find Jackie sparked it with her ever-lasting vitality.  Her senior year was spent as a lithe and limber cheerleader
The origin of that "clean-cut kid" statement was Forrest Letzring.  Long-time wheel in the class of '53, he was Jr. Class President and Sr. Class Treasurer.  Other claims to fame were staked in athletics and Annual Staff.
Like whipped cream and Billie May, Margaret Foisiy was smooooth.  She ironed out difficulties as Vice-Prexy of Girl's League and Senior Council Member.  Besides participating in many clubs, Margaret did some high stepping as a majorette.
Hole-in-one man on the Golf Team was Neil Reasoner.  This man of many talents was especially gifted in the musical and literary fields.  He participated in the Scribblers' Folic, CSF, Bi-Chem-Phi, and Sr. Council.
Nina Hull is definitely on the angelic side, as she must have been sent from heaven to be a star in Kearny's activities.  Nina's most outstanding achievements were head songleader, Diana Prexy, Girls' State Representative, and CSF
Fredrick David Schwend, Sometimes alias Field Marshall, was one of the most "who" in the Zoo's Who.  Fred served as President of the class of '53 in the 7th, 8th, and 12th grades, and commissioner of Boys' Athletics.

Lil' Stevie would like to dedicate "Big Boy" to Thelma Lawson, because the place was always rocking when she was around.  Thelma was head cheerleader, Prexy of Beau Monde, a member of Senior Council, Dianas, and hailed from the great State of Texas.

Our "all-around boy," Henry Sesma, was really all around Kearny.  Besides sports, he has contributed to Kearny and to the Senior Class on the Council and as a Rana.  Hank has a wry sense of humor that Lil' Stevie liked.
Executive to the nth degree is Jo Ann Maus.  A born leader, she has used this ability as colonel of the Drill Team and Editor-in-Chief of the '53 Komet.  Jo Ann is as well known for her artistic talents as she is for her varied activities.
Brain and brawn in the big package was Gordon Stolzoff's trademark.  He was a member of the CSF, Ranas and Boys' State Representative.  Big boy Gordan was a top man in basketball and football for the Komets in '53. Gordon left us far to early, but we will always remember his outgoing personality and beaming smile.


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